The Irish Society of Urology asked for a web platform that gathers a comprehensive list of doctors available in the whole Country and many useful resources for both GPs and patients. So we structured and designed an intuitive website that differentiates the possibilities of use for each audience.

An advisory to the Irish Department of Health and JCHST concerning urological training and manpower issues, the Irish Society of Urology was founded to promote the specialty of Urology and its related sciences in Ireland, and to encourage and promote urological training and scientific research.

When they came to exSite, they wanted a website that allowed the public search for doctors and give access to useful information, news and medical resources. To achieve these goals, we designed and built a content management system for the website so that:

  • A doctor can register and update his own profile that is searchable to the public; subscribe to different kinds of membership and have unlimited access to all the medical resources, booklets and e-posters. They can consult the official journal for ISU (BJU International), be made aware of the latest news, events and annual meetings and eventually take part thanks to the integrated booking system
  • A patient can look for an urologist by name, specialty, hospital or region, visit the urologist’s personal profile and look for their contact details. Patients can also consult the information leaflets on urological conditions and urological procedures, and find useful information on the helpful links and resources page.