Mondello Park

Mondello Park International Race Circuit is an internationally recognised race-track. It is the only Motor Racing circuit in the Republic of Ireland with an FIA License. Originally opened in 1968, Mondello Park has a rich history, and continues to offer entertainment to its visitors to this day.

Although they have roots in the past, Mondello Park wanted their website to be modern and up-to-date. They came to exSite looking for a more organized, visually appealing, and responsive website.

We began improvements on the Mondello Park website by updating its visual language. The old site had very few images and was crowded with text. It was also lacking calls to action, and wasn’t driving sales. We designed a bespoke, responsive website with mobile users in mind to show off all that Mondello Park has to offer. Bright accent colors and lots of images are geared towards selling the Mondello Park experience, as well as gift certificates.

We also made it easy for Mondello Park to change their featured content in the future. Using drag-and-drop, elements of the landing page can be easily reordered to highlight a variety of different products. Call to action buttons are also simple to add and remove for special events and holidays.

We also worked extensively with Mondello Park to improve the back end of the website. In collaboration with the client, we developed a coherent sitemap, making the site far easier to navigate. We replaced their old booking engine, Optimo, with Checkfront, and integrated Intercom online chat to help with bookings and customer service. We also sped up the site’s load times.

Finally, we integrated the site with Mondello’s ad campaigns. We worked with both Mondello and their third-party advertising agency to create a system that would show which bookings were based on ad clicks, enabling Mondello to monitor the success of their digital marketing efforts.

We continue to work with Mondello Park, supporting and maintaining their website. We are in contact with Mondello Park weekly to ensure that their website aligns with their needs, such as booking, customer service, and others.