Because Nordeus’ online game Top Eleven has over 10 million
players, they needed an efficient, easy-to-use
help centre that they could edit and they needed to be
able to track how their audience used it.

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Nordeus’s Top Eleven is the most popular online football manager game, with a large dedicated support staff and multiple language options. When Nordeus came to us, they managed their support issues through a standard Zendesk account and their help documentation was on static, hard-to-search pages. We streamlined Nordeus’ support system to benefit users and the Nordeus support staff.

In addition to a personalised support website, Nordeus needed to maximise the amount of information available to users while also simplifying the support process and recording users’ answers. Recording users’ answers allows Nordeus to speed up the support process when users submit support tickets.

To achieve these goals, we built a content management system that can produce and manage decision trees—tree-like graphs that show decisions and their outcomes—that can be translated into multiple languages. These decision trees help to pinpoint and attempt to solve users’ issues while recording their responses, which are then attached to their support ticket if they choose to submit one.

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The forms for support tickets were built and fully integrated with the Zendesk API, so the Nordeus support team could continue to use their Zendesk accounts.

We also created a fully customised analytics system to track the paths taken by users who do not submit support tickets. These analytics capture the users ‘paths along the decision tree, including information such as the length of time spent on each step and every instance users moved to a previous step. These paths can be cross-referenced so that Nordeus can find patterns and see what their users’ main issues are and fix the cause.