The Backstage Pass: How Having a Membership Site Can Help Your Business

A membership site is like the VIP lounge, where  consumers can access a  private website, with exclusive content about your business, products, and information about the company. They are a perfect way to disperse information with shareholders and investors. Consumers purchase a subscription to access the site, like a magazine just about your business.

Keep in contact!

You can offer live seminars or webinars where members can ask questions through chat or over the phone. Or you could have a text chat room where you hold “office hours” or similar. The most accessible a business is, the more personal it is. Consumer contact matters.

The great thing about membership sites from businesses is the recursive income. However, a membership site is an investment. It must be treated as an extension of the company, not just a bulletin board for the latest company newsletter. A member’s subscription usually lasts three months – but membership sites should be more engaging (Entrepreneur’s Journey). Give subscribers exclusive content like new images of products or services, offer deals on merchandise that are just for them, or use it as a chance to let subscribers communicate with you and your business in a personal manner. Communication is key!


Below are some examples of membership sites to show you how one could benefit your business:

Membership Sites Image - MEI 1

Membership Sites Image - MEI 2

Marketing English in Ireland is one of our most recent membership sites. The website administrator registers users as School Administrators, the only membership level. Users then create their school profile and the website administrator approves it before it is published on the site.

Membership Sites Image - AT 1
Membership Sites Image - AT 2

Áiseanna Tacaíochta has two membership levels: Group Admin and Group Member. After users register, the website administrator creates Group Admins, who create and add members to groups. Then users can communicate and share files within groups.

Membership Sites Image - RCSI 1
Membership Sites Image - RCSI 2

The Faculty of Dentistry of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland has multiple membership levels, and the website administrator approves members after they register. They also have recurring and nonrecurring annual payment options.
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