Website grants Ireland

As we all look to the future there are a lot of grants and funding options available for websites and marketing in Ireland and around the world.

In Ireland, the main grants available for web design are:

  • Trading Online Voucher (up to €2,500). You can apply via your Local Enterpise office. You can read more on the TOV Application Form.
  • COVID-19 Online Retail Scheme (€10,000 to €40,000).  Scheme topped up in August! Irish retailers with an existing online presence can get up to 80% of project costs, with these grants range from €10,000 to a maximum of €40,000. Scheme opens on Monday, 31 August 2020 and closes at 3pm on Monday, 28 September 2020.
  • There are also a wider range of supports available from Local Enterpise Offices

Contact us if you want to know more, would like advice on your application, or would like to explore what  we can do with your website and marketing channels to help your business in these difficult times.



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