Accord Dublin

ACCORD Dublin is a registered charity established in 1968 by the Archdiocese of Dublin to support couple relationships with professional counselling services on the basis of need regardless of ability to pay.

Their services are provided on a pastoral, non-denominational basis by professionally trained, experienced counsellors and facilitators.

In all of their services the guiding approach in helping clients is holistic and person centred. This meant that exSite was tasked with creating a website that would convey ACCORD Dublin’s empathy, understanding and acceptance as they seek to help clients to develop their whole personality.

exSite created a fresh, warm and friendly site, working to present information in an organised and accessible manner. Three services area were presented separately using unique colours and shapes to aid navigation.

A booking feature was developed and enhanced by filter options showing the courses. exSite integrated this feature with ACCORD Dublin’s offline system for ease of administration.

exSite is retained to manage and support the use of the site, and assists with SEO and content management.