E-Commerce Platforms

You can find quite a few e-commerce platforms to use on your site. Most, to be rather obvious, have “cart” or “shop” in their name: Shopify, FoxyCart, CubeCart, Ubercart, and so on. The biggest selling points of these platforms are their reliability, security, and currency accepted. These platforms are generally designed to use with other programs. Most of these platforms are plugins: easily created and rendered additions to a program for personal use. Below we examine a few of the most popular ones.


FoxyCart Home Page


FoxyCart is a hosted site, which means that you can’t have your entire website on FoxyCart. When you use FoxyCart and a person checks out on your site, they are navigated to FoxyCart and away from your site. You can customise FoxyCart to look like your site, and it accepts an enormous range of currencies, including bitcoin and other nontraditional currencies. FoxyCart prices range from $15 per month + up to 15¢ per transaction (on a yearly plan) to $2,000+ depending on your needs.


Shopify Home Page


Shopify, the most popular of the e-commerce platforms, offers the extremely useful “abandoned cart” feature. If you have the “abandoned cart” feature, shoppers who leave your site while they have products in their cart will receive an email notification. You can add Shopify to an existing website, or you can build your website entirely in Shopify. Shopify prices range from $14 / month (practically useless, but great to start with) to $179 / month (more features than many companies need, but has useful extra features). Their most popular plan is $79 / month, and includes unlimited products, unlimited bandwidth, and the “abandoned cart” feature.


CubeCart Home Page


CubeCart is an open source e-commerce platform that requires a web hosting account. CubeCart offers a wide range of support and customisable options, as well as additional skins and plug-ins. CubeCart can do everything that most other e-commerce platforms can do, but it’s free. That’s right. Free. CubeCart does offer two technical support plans from $33 / month and $50 / month; note that both require a setup fee.


WooCommerce Home Page


WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. It’s mobile adaptive and has a user-friendly interface. You can offer an unlimited number of products, and there is no bandwidth cap. Because WooCommerce is built into your site, your customers aren’t taken to any other websites, and all your information is your own. Like CubeCart, WooCommerce is open source, which allows consumers, users, and developers to create and share improvements, making it extremely flexible.
E-commerce platforms are convenient for consumers, secure for businesses, and keep your company relevant. Ask how exSite can improve your site’s e-commerce performance. 

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