A handy Business Development Tool

This is a guest blog from our partner Diarmuid over at Conjura.com

My job requires quite a bit of email-finding using LinkedIn. I used to use Hunter which gives you 100 free searches a month, which is quite good considering you don’t have to pay anything for 100 searches. However, I have been finding it much more difficult lately as the Hunter extension no longer works with LinkedIn profiles. This has really slowed down the process of finding email addresses as I now have to find an employee’s LinkedIn profile AND go onto the company website or the hunter website to search for the most common email format for that company. I know it’s only an extra step, but it has significantly increased the amount of time it takes to find an email address. Hunter also only gives you an estimate of the email address if the employee’s email address is not connected to the website or recognised by Hunter, which is often the case.

I have developed a sales lead list using Hunter and when I sent a sample of the emails, 40% of them bounced back because the email addresses “Don’t exist”! This was very disappointing as a lot of time and effort had gone into developing this list. I looked up an alternative, more accurate method of finding these email addresses. I found GetEmail.io to be the most accurate. GetEmail.io is downloadable as a chrome extension which makes it very handy and simple to use. The beauty of this extension is that it works on LinkedIn and it verifies each email before giving you a result, unlike Hunter which only gives you an estimation of the email address. It will tell you if the email address they have found is trustworthy or not, which saves you the bother of chasing an email address that might not exist. It is $49 a month for 300 searches, which is more than reasonable as it verifies each email. I am very impressed with this service and if your job requires you to find email addresses online, I’d recommend it!

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