The Wonderful World of WordPress

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a software script and is a Open Source project. Open Source means that anyone can adapt code or create plugins to change the user experience. Many famous companies use WordPress, such as Mashable and TechCrunch and The New York Times’ blogs. It is a recognised and respected brand.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is where a site is controlled. It is the place everything is run from—like the dashboard on a plane. And like a plane it can look pretty confusing at first.

  • Posts is where you can publish the content for your site from blogs to lookbooks.
  • Media is where all the images, videos, and music you upload to publish are stored.
  • In Forms temples and other items can be created. An example of a from is a place to contact the business.
  • Pages show all the different sections of your site.
  • Comments compiles everything written by others on your site, but they can be disabled and/or hidden from the public.
  • While creating the skin or look of the site seems easy, Appearance is one of the most important aspects. First impressions on a site are the ones people remember.

The most important aspect of The Dashboard is the amount of control it gives the web owner, and does not require knowledge of complex code.

How to Maximise WordPress

To get the most out of WordPress you need to move beyond the basics. That’s what plugins and widgets are for. Plugins add additional code that is added to the software. A plugin is usually free because many of them are Open Source, and they can be anything from improving the SEO of a post to an easy-to-use e-commerce system. Plugins are different from widgets. A widget is an additional aspect added to the Dashboard. Easier for everyone, they give an easy way to customise a site, from search bars to self-scrolling galleries.

Why exSite?

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