The Grange Festival

Branding is not only creating a logo, but building a powerful corporate identity that reflects who you are as a company and what you stand for. Your brand identity is important to convey the right message for your business or organization, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

The Grange Festival – Hampshire is one of the major music festivals in Europe’s operatic summer season. exSite is proud to have created a logo and complete brand identity for them to properly represent them during this exciting time. To start the design process, our creative team takes their time to fully understand the business/organization, what their objectives and business/marketing strategies are, and what their market place looks like. After long hours of research and analysis, we have designed a truly unique and authentic brand identity for The Grange.

The primary objective when designing The Grange’s logo was to create a classy, conservative, and modern appeal fit for the mystic and dreamy atmosphere of The Grange itself, a hidden dimension to discover. Branding is useless if it is not targeted to the right group of people to embrace it. For The Grange, their target market is connoisseurs of the opera who are in their 40s and 50s and their brand is meant to send a classy and sophisticated message.

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The Grange Festival logo originated from the combination of two distinctive elements of The Grange building: the iconic capital, and the red curtains of the stage. After combining the architecture of the building and work on stage, representing both the nature of the building and the purpose of it, we were able to create a logo and brand identity that captivates the most unique and important parts of the opera experience.

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The fonts used in the logotype are: the serif Sorts Mill Goudy with its graceful, balanced and classic design; and the sans serif Lato, which has an elegant yet fresh look and feel. Both fonts, well known for their exceptional readability on both offline and online applications, are used in their uppercase version.